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Marina u Funtani
Klinci na plazi

Welcome to Funtana!

From Zelena laguna (Green Lagoon) in the west to Valkanela Bay on the south, what you will see in front of you is the most indented part of the Istrian peninsula...

This is a bird's eye view of Funtana, a place that grew up over water springs where Nature has choreographed of one of the most playful scenes of...

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Oases of healthy vacations

Recently renovated, with significantly elevated standards, attractive beaches with proudly waving Blue Flags...

Do you love a vacation in total harmony with nature? Do you dream of campsites set right by the sea, far away from the city rush, close to an...

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Doors wide open

The open gates of Funtana's private accommodations are overtures to the ode of the good Mediterranean life.

For everyone running after work all year long, trying to keep pace with an ever faster way of life typical of large cities, with thoughts and hands tied to countless...

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Water springs of Funtana

Water means life. Funtana, whose name meaning spring, is a place where you can hear the babble of water in its very name.

Water means life. And Funtana, whose name comes from the Latin word fons or fonticus, meaning spring, is a place where you can hear the babble of water in its very name.

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Notes of the past

The legend has it that the background of the entire story was an unhappy love and a fight for the hand of a beauty from Funtana...

There is a saying that Mediterranean towns live more from their memories than other towns and that their history is more important than their present.

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